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Thread: Smallest of 3 numbers

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    Smallest of 3 numbers

    What is the easiest and simplest way to get the smallest value of three numbers. There is the possibility of two or three values the same

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    Re: Smallest of 3 numbers

    May want to test this well, off top of my head...
    If Nr1 =< Nr2 And Nr1 =<  Nr3 Then
       ' nr1 is smallest; though numbers 2 & 3 may be equal or greater
    ElseIf Nr2 =<  Nr3 Then
       ' nr2 is smallest; though Nr3 may be equal or greater, but Nr1 is greater else triggered above
       ' nr3 is smallest by elimination
    End If
    edited: you can remove the = from the comparisons above if first-in doesn't matter when a tie exists. In other words, comparing 1,2,1 will return the 3rd number as the smallest instead of the 1st number.
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    Re: Smallest of 3 numbers

    I would say depending on the need, creating a function to use would be easiest in the long run, and also simplest to use once written. You could use variant parameter array to the function to handle 2 to n comparisons, i.e. z = Min(a, b) or z = Min(a, b, c, d), ...

    If you just want to compare three values you should need two If tests as a minimum, and I would use an extra variable to store the result, to keep it to two.
    You could use IIf and put the two IIf statements in one line, to appear simplest
    d = IIf(a < b, a, b): d = IIf(d < c, d, c)

    p.s. As mentioned in the first part of my post, but limited to comparing two values, a Min function could be written to be reused.
    Private Function Min(a As Variant, b As Variant) As Variant
      If a < b Then
        Min = a
        Min = b
      End If
    End Function
    And then you could set d to the minimum value like this:
    d = Min(Min(a,b), c)
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    Re: Smallest of 3 numbers

    IIRC we had a thread exactly like this one a few years back.

    EDIT: Found it
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