Hi. I want to know if Visual Studio 6.0 (in my case Visual C++ 6.0) supports UTF-8 encoding of files (I am running Windows 98 SE in a virtual machine, VS6 is running in that machine). Because I can't seem to see any way to change default encoding of the source code. I need UTF-8 so GitHub doesn't complain about different encoding used for files (and Czech characters are incorrectly displayed when using that encoding on GitHub).

Next question: How can I change an export codepage to other values - like DOS encoding? Because ANSI encoding is good for Windows applications, but console applications need DOS encoding in order to display special characters correctly. I need to display correct codepages. Because I am using Czech characters in my applications, I need codepages 1250 (Czech ANSI) and 852 (Czech DOS). I know how to set codepage 1250, it is in the list. But how do I set the codepage 852?