I'm looking for a way to import styles from a template into a document. Here's the functionality I'd like:
* Import styles from template to document, overwriting any styles having the same name
* Delete any styles from the document that are not in the template
* Skip deleting styles that throw an error when trying to delete them (some built-in word styles)

I have not found a way to do this using the standard import styles functionality since it doesn't seem to have a convenient way to identify and delete styles that are not in the template. Deleting all the styles in document before importing from the template doesn't work because many of the styles may be the same in the document and template, and text originally formatted with those styles will lose the style association and revert to Normal style. Consequently, I suppose I would need a macro to do this.

The macro should run from within the document that will be importing the styles, and should prompt for the location of the template containing the desired styles.

Would this be difficult to do in a macro? My macro experience is limited to recording macros and then modifying them to meet mey needs, with a lot of help from online resources and forums like th