Hi. I'm a fan to old apps and old OS like Windows 98. I am also creating a game that shall run on Windows 98, but I'm kind of stuck on language settings. I am using Windows 98 in Czech Language and installed a multilingual support right beforehand with the installation of Windows 98. That means I have wide variety of codepages installed, all OEM DOS codepages and ANSI Windows codepages.

I have them in system folder:
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and even in registry:
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I've also done check according to the instructions for multilingual support in Visual Studio C++ readme, I have everything correct:
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Installing the National Language Support Files on Windows 95/98

Run the registry editor (RegEdit):

The key My Computer \ HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ System \ CurrentControlSet \ control \ Nls \ Codepage lists all the code pages that are installed, and can be installed on your system. Note that in this key, the value name specifies the code page, and the value data specifies the file which contains the code page information. Installed code pages have an entry for value data, whereas code pages that are not installed do not specify an entry in the value data field.

To install additional code pages, first copy the appropriate .nls file(s) from your OS CD-ROM into the Windows system directory. This is the SYSTEM subdirectory under your Windows directory.

Second, in the appropriate registry key (see above), select the codepage entry for the file you just copied. Select Modify from the Edit menu (or double click the codepage entry) to bring up the Edit String dialog box. Enter the name of the file you just copied in the value data field. Click the OK button.

Close the registry editor. You have completed the installation of the additional code pages.
Yet it still can't recognise this particular codepage (highlighted in all previous screenshots):
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I am building application with Visual C++ 6.0, so I posted it here. I assume that the topic for old VB versions is just for Visual Basic, which I'm not using in this case. If this is wrong subforum, feel free to move it. I posted it where I think it belongs.

I really want my game to run under Windows 9x, simply because there are still people who use it today, and it's not just virtual machine, they use it also on an older physical machine, for testing purposes, or for retro gaming, or for some reasons they need to use software that cannot be run on later versions of Windows. Windows 9x supported programs are very versatile in terms of compatibility, becase they run on pretty much all editions of Windows starting with Windows 9x family (Windows 95, 98, Me). Naturally, I want my game to be supported by widest variety of Windows editions (not counting 16bit Windows editions).

But this really stumped me and I don't know how to deal with it. Certainly, it is a bug and it just can't for some reason see the other codepages. Please, is there anybody who knows how to deal with it and repair this bug?

This is VMware Workstation virtual machine, with Windows 98 SE (Czech language) installed with additional VMware Guest Tools installed on this system.