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Thread: [VB6] Rocketdock Settings Enhancement

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    Re: [VB6] Rocketdock Settings Enhancement

    Quote Originally Posted by taishan View Post
    What's the state of this project? It's very awesome!
    Thankyou. I have it working on my desktops and lappies, and it functions, looks good and operates exactly as it should. However, as I learn to code in VB6 I realise that my old code/methods are poor quality so I tend to rewrite as I go. A lot of refactoring goes on that does not achieve much but for me at least my code quality is improved. Learning is a driver for me. I am embarrassed by my code as it is.

    Nevertheless, I have a task list and I am getting toward the end, improving my code as I go - This is the aim. I will get there.

    There is one spanner in the works. The main issue is Windows 11. It does not allow repositioning of the taskbar as older versions of Windows once did, effectively suppressing any taskbar replacement. It can be moved but as far as I am aware, not programmatically at the moment. This has made this project even more of a 'hobby' project than it was before as it is hard to fight against the o/s GUI and Microsoft itself.

    In addition, The old Rocketdock written in C++ used a commercial graphics library to achieve the advanced animations that is not available to me. Replicating all of that has turned out to be a fairly big job and the need for a rewrite of the code that renders the main icons has become apparent. I need to knuckle down and get to it but sometimes it is hard to find the motivation especially when MS screws up your reason for writing it in the first place.

    In addition I am tinkering with other technologies to avoid being bored by my code and currently tinkering with RC5/Cairo. When that is done I aim to focus back on SteamyDock.

    Was that too much information?
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    Re: [VB6] Rocketdock Settings Enhancement

    Check out StartAllBack, it allows taskbar mods on Win 11. Use the Trick's tlb viewer to examine the .exe to see how it is done.

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