Hello everyone
i am building an application using visual studio 2017
this application must allow users to print a report that contains data from different tables in my database (for building the database I used the SQL SERVER 2008).
The report must contain several pages and the number of pages is not static, it is related to the result of a query.
For example: i have 3 tables 1." vehicule" 2. component 3. relation_vh_comp (relate between the two first table)
i select first the vehicule-name from vehicule then according to that i select from the table "relation_vh_comp" all component related to this vehicule ( so if i have 4 component the number of my report's page must be 4 ) each page concern one component and is filled by selecting information from the table component
as am a newbie in vb i don't know how to manifest . the googling lead me to crystal report and reportviewer but i don't know which one satisfied my needs and the easier
so please if any one have an idea advice me it's urgent