I have two forms with the exact same event. The event has the exact same name and the exact syntax - everything.

The two forms have the same customControl in them. I need to add event handlers in the custom Controls that handle the form(s) events. One form is easy because the customControls are added to that form at design time and I just hard code them. If I use thermalImageControl1.Parent I do not have access the events so...

1) I could cast the parentControl.Parent to Form1 and see if that succeeds. If not then try casting to Form2, etc. This seems messy as everything is hard coded.
2) I could extend Form and add the custom event and then use my extended form as the base of the additional forms. The issue here is I still don't know how to "get access to the event unless I cast the parentControl.Parent without messy hand coding.

What I want to have happen is when the customControl is added to a form at run time it automatically finds the event on the parent form, check for the event and then adds a handler (or removes the handler) automatically. How would you do this?