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Thread: Which is the best practice to reload a form?

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    Which is the best practice to reload a form?


    I have a form that has two modes; Online and Offline. The default mode is Online. There are two radio buttons in that form for the user to chose from in order to switch modes. In the radio button's CheckedChanged event I change the mode flag and reload the form so Form_load event's contents executed again with a different mode flag.

    I have two choices to do that:

    1. Move all Form_load's contents to a separate Sub and call that sub from the radio button's CheckedChanged event.
    2. Just call Form_load like this: Form1_Load(sender, e) from the radio button's CheckedChanged event.

    Which is good and which is bad? I mean, for the sake of speed, resources, memory leaks... or are they both bad?

    Thank you.

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    Re: Which is the best practice to reload a form?

    The first one is always better. It's far more maintainable. If you ever change your design such that the load did some unique things that didn't make sense for the change, then you'd have to go to that first method anyways.
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    Re: Which is the best practice to reload a form?

    Def. put it in a sub, and call it, do not try to call form load events if the form is already loaded. I put everything in subs by themselves now anyways, as then I can reuse them elsewhere without repeating code.
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