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Thread: Hamilton 5x World Champion ?

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    Re: Hamilton 5x World Champion ?

    Not to mention the car itself would become contaminated, and that's something difficult to keep in isolation away from driver and crew.

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    Re: Hamilton 5x World Champion ?

    So many things to look forward to this weekend.

    How well does Russell perform in a Tier 1 F1 car?
    Will he beat Bottas? (would be soul crushing for Bottas probably)
    Can Max pull off a win with no Hamilton to contend with?
    Can Max at least tighten up the fight for second place in the drivers championship?
    Does third place in the constructor's championship tighten up again?
    Can Albon have another good finish and make a case for keeping his seat?
    Can Racing Point bounce back from last weekends catastrophic race?
    Can Ferrari bounce back from their poor performance last weekend?
    How well does the Haas perform without Grosjean in the seat?
    Will tire wear be an issue?
    Probably lots more.

    Should be pretty exciting for a race where the driver and constructor championships have long ago been clinched.

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    Re: Hamilton 5x World Champion ?

    I expect George Russell to be a bit slower than Bottas, but it is a good chance for him to show off his skills - and if he does perform better than Bottas, it could boost his career a lot (maybe even a 'better' team for next season).

    Max has a good chance of a win, but it depends on how much the alternative track layout works for the team, their strategy, and of course any affect that luck has.

    As a McLaren fan, I hope that third place in the constructor's championship stays in McLaren's favour

    There is certainly potential for a good race this weekend.

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