Hi Dex,

Well, the Office 64 compatibility is a big one. But there's also the idea of running on Windows-64 that may not have WoW installed. Also, the 2gig (or 4gig) address space would be blown out of the water. And, I'm assuming (hoping), they'd raise some of the limits on the IDE if they ever recompiled it for 64 bit, such as the 32,000 intellisense token limit and the limit on the number of modules.

And, I'm assuming if they ever did take a look, Unicode would be pushed into everything (including the properties window and .FRM saved files). I know I'm now building an enhancement list, but I do feel that this would be easy stuff to do. I really see most of this as "clean up".

Truth be told, I really am pretty happy with the VB6 IDE the way it is.

I suppose one last thing is a marketing/respect issue. It'd just be nice if my software was being developed with something that people could see as "a maintained and updated language."

Best Regards,