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    VB6 IDE Linker AddIn

    The initial concept and core of this add-in was developed by 'The Trick'. (VB6-Trick-Advanced-Tools)

    I needed a stripped-down version of this to just intercept the linking events. Thus other features, also those who causes problems on compiling in some projects ('Global Checking' section, to remove integer overflow checks etc.), are not contained.

    By using this linking events you can place a file location which will be shell executed (e.g. batch file).
    Reasons for such need are for example to replaces .obj files with Cobj files in order to statically link an C library into the Std-EXE or Ax-DLL.
    The batch file to replace .obj with .cobj file could look like this:
    del xyz.obj
    copy xyz.cobj xyz.obj
    Real life example is the sqlite3win32 project from 'VBForumsCommunity' to Staticly compile sqlite3 into a VB6 project.

    This add-in will write to the [VBCompiler] section of an .vbp file:
    However, it detects and preserves in case there is a [TAT] section available from the Trick Advanced Tools to maintain compatibility. In case it is detected a checkbox will appear, giving the opportunity to preserve or break compatibility with the Trick Advanced Tools.
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