I have in Report Data:

DataSource: RecipesDataSet and then I have created two DataTables: DataTable1 and DataTable2 (each with own Fill method - from same dataset)

I then created:

1 - Report1.rdlc (using DataTable1) (The Main Report)
1 - Report2.rdlc (using DataTable2)

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Both this report is work perfect (on they own) no problem.

But now I want to add a subreport in my main report and "point" it to Report2.rdlc.

Example of main report:

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So I added new row in main report and drag subreport into that row:

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I am getting this error:

"Data retrieval failed for the subreport, 'Subreport2', located at Recipes2.Report2.rdlc. Please check the log files for more information"

How to point that subreport to Report2.rdlc?