I have created simple recipe structure that looks like this:

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So I have "Recipes" and every recipe have "Steps" to make the food and also "Ingredients"

This is what it looks like:

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Every recipe can have many steps to make it and also every recipe can have many ingredients.

So what I want to do is to have a report and every page of that report must show the information as in this form above. Meaning one recipe per page and on that page must display:

1- Recipe details
2- Steps
3- Ingredients

So I create tableAdapter and looks like this:

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Code for tableAdapter:

SELECT        tblRecipes.*, tblIngredients.*, tblCookingSteps.*
FROM            tblCookingSteps INNER JOIN
                         tblRecipes ON tblCookingSteps.RecipeID = tblRecipes.RecipeID INNER JOIN
                         tblIngredients ON tblRecipes.RecipeID = tblIngredients.RecipeID
If I preview this it shows shows 112 rows (for only two recipes I have insert)

I am in rdlc designer and it looks like this:

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Here I don't know what to do... I want two tables (tablix) + the recipe details per page..

Every recipe with details, steps and ingredients must show per page..

Can someone please help me?