The good news is that we'll have plenty of warning before there is any need to move away from VB6. The people who will be in a panic and find themselves wading through lava when the time comes are those who haven't been exploring alternatives at this late date.

And in the several threads that are basically clones of this one, a lot of alternatives have been mentioned.

if you found yourself hugging Windows 9x, then very late moving on to desperately hug Windows XP, and now find yourself hugging Windows 7 for dear life... better invest in a nice pair of asbestos trousers because your odds don't look good.

VB6 has been a rock during these transitions, despite the attempts of .Nutters to paint it otherwise. Its stability is pretty unique, much like Cobol. In times of great change it can be good to be a "cockroach" and survive. If there weren't so many people depending on its stability Microsoft would have stopped shipping its support libraries long ago, and we wouldn't have:

Support Statement for Visual Basic 6.0 on Windows

So don't panic. Get off Windows 7, a broken release of Windows at best for development anyway. And look at other things.

An awful lot of the newer members here are probably fine candidates to move to a .Net language. They don't seem to make use of much of VB6 besides its "QBasic subset" anyway.

At the same time it is worth spending some energy on playing with Node.js/NW.js/Electron. Or look into the B4x products. Lots of options, all worth some time.