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Thread: Chart control / Chart Areas / multiple charts

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    Chart control / Chart Areas / multiple charts


    I need help understanding proper usage of the Chart Areas feature of the chart control. I understand that a chart control can have multiple chart areas and that each chart area can chart multiple series assuming I use a chart type other than pie etc. However, I have only ever had the need for a single chart area.
    I want to create three separate line charts on a form. Each line chart will have several series of data charted on it. Should this be done with a single chart control containing three chart areas? Or, three chart controls, each with a single chart area?


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    Re: Chart control / Chart Areas / multiple charts

    This really comes down to how you want it to look and to some extent what your data binding source is if you have one.

    Having 3 chart areas in one chart limits where you can show the charts since they are all tied up in one control. Using 3 chart controls with one chart area each gives you more flexibility where you put the chart in the designer.

    As for the data source, if you use only one chart control, your bound data needs to come from a single object. From MSDN, the chart control's data source can be a number of things, and you could conceivably put multiple data tables in a data set for example and bind multiple chart areas to different tables (never done it, but it sounds feasible). The point is that although you have flexibility with the data source, having a single chart control will put restrictions on what you can do binding wise.

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