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Thread: Seeking Media Player

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    Seeking Media Player

    Hi Dear friends
    I want to make a time Seekbar with a "Slider" or "HScroll" for my sound player. How can I code it. I used "Windowsmediaplayer1" but I want to hide its control and make my own controls. I want to make this look at picture below:

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    Re: Seeking Media Player

    It'd be relatively easy with vbRichClient5 - but before I put an example together,
    you'd have to tell me, whether you want to introduce this dependency (your App
    would become about 2.5MB larger, when you ship it).


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    Re: Seeking Media Player

    That is a pretty wide open request.
    What part are you needing help with...
    Hiding Windowsmediaplayer1's controls?
    Controlling Windowsmediaplayer1 position with your control?
    Getting state information from the player, e.g. Media Duration, Current Position, etc...
    Making the Control GUI look like your image?

    One thing I notice about the image you provided is that the "Slider" looks like it indicates two things, i.e. the current position of the playback, and a "downloaded" progress indication.
    I've only played local content so have never had to consider a media download progress indication. I don't even know if that is part of the Windows MediaPlayer state data, but perhaps it is.

    I believe you'll need to be more specific about what you need help with.
    If you want to know how to code the whole project then I think that is beyond the scope of the help the forum is expected to supply.
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    Re: Seeking Media Player

    I need this "HScroll1" to move while I push "Play Button"
    1-Is My Mediaplayer Controls
    2-Is HScroll1, which i need to code !
    something like this but it does not work in my project.
    HScroll1.Value = WindowsMediaPlayer1.Controls.currentPosition


    HScroll1.Max = WindowsMediaPlayer1.currentMedia.duration
    I don't know how and where can I put this lines of code, These are ture (correct) Or Not

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    Re: Seeking Media Player

    You can use MCI or directshow. PSC has lots of samples.

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