Returning to VB6 programming after a long break, I decided to undertake the task of replacing my current implementation of controls with VBCCR (I already use VBFLXGRD since ver. 1.4) and after several days of handy work switching between my text editor and the VB6 IDE I have completed the whole thing without any direct issues. However, there are a few differences between my old and the new VBCCR1.8 controls I'm not sure how to address e.g. making structural changes to my code or make a request for function enhancement. I post here as I'm using the OCX version although I'm aware of that stuff gets implemented in the Std-Exe version first.

From what I've been able to conclude so far there are currently 3 things I am missing in the VBCCR18 controls:

1. A ListIndexChange() Event in the Combo- and ListBox controls, which is useful as it allows for differentiation between if the index changed due to the user clicked an item in the control or if it changed due to programmatic reasons.

2. In the ComboBox only, a BeginEdit() and EndEdit() Events which fires when user starts typing in Edit portion of controls and finishes the edit operation. The EndEdit Event may come with several arguments, like a boolean for if a change really took place, a string for the new value and reason for the end (eg. user pressed return, focus was killed, Escape pressed, control was dropped), the Index may also be useful to get.

3. The ability for Label control to render some HTML assigned to the Caption, or a dedicated HtmlCaption, property. Doesn't need to be full fetched html just the most common and useful formatting stuff. Well, doesn't need to be html, that's just what my old control offered, but the idea is that you can have a ready made html formatted string w/ placeholders to fill from code and display in a typical "label situation".

Maybe there is such a control already but I haven't been able to find any here. The Combo and Listbox functionalities are more important to me though, so question is if this is something that could be added to the control suite or not?