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Thread: Using Array and listbox for currency converter

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    Using Array and listbox for currency converter

    Hi Gentlemen Of the Vb forumsI have an question Regarding using arrays and list box in currency converter,

    So the way is i want the program to work like This

    1- Get All numbers From listbox And The Name And The currency Used

    2- Click A button and choosing a currency i want to convert 2, ( I think i should i use a listbox and !??)

    3- Displaying All Results in Another listbox a 3rd one or in a messagebox!.

    The Code i ve reached so far
    if (ctr < names.Length)
                    // Declare A Varible
                    string Name;
                    int Amount;
                    // Read
                    Name = nameTxtBox.Text;
                    Amount = int.Parse(amountTxtBox.Text);
                    // Store In The Array
                    names[ctr] = Name;
                    amounts[ctr] = Amount;
                    // Update Counter
                    MessageBox.Show("Array is full");
            private void displayBtn_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
                for (int i = 0; i < ctr; i++)
    And an image
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