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Thread: Laptop Battery Life

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    Laptop Battery Life


    I have an Acer Aspire3620 which, I have had for about four after being it new! It is currently on its second battery and I am wondering what the normal amount for battery to decrease in power over time is? The link below listing the original specifications says the initial battery life is 2.5 hour battery life.

    However, looking at the battery meter now as it stands at 100% changed it says only 1 hour 40 minutes battery time remaining.

    So is there a way to work out how much the battery will decrease in the future?


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    Re: Laptop Battery Life

    These days I guess most manufacturers of consumer goods assume a 4th grade literacy level and don't bother including manuals nobody will read. I've always found that Toshiba did a good job at this, and Acer tends to really skimp since they're mainly a discount brand (Gateway + eMachines). I have several Acer machines and they're great, but they are primarily marketed to the teeming masses.

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    However if you check the Acer support site there is a chance they'll have a more complete user manual in downloadable PDF form.

    There you should see things like advice on battery hygiene. They tell you how to condition a new battery, how to care for a battery to extend its life, and usually how hazardous it is to battery life to leave a laptop plugged in to its charger for extended periods of time.

    There is normally also some advice telling you how Windows' battery life estimation needs calibration and how to do so. Typically this means every so often running the device on battery all the way until you get warned to plug in the charger. Then you must do a full charge before using the device again. Doing this twice should help it make even more accurate estimates, but they are always just estimates. You have to do this every month or two. This is something Windows users are supposed to know by now, but I suppose few people read documentation at all and many never did.

    All of the above varies a bit by battery chemistry. It can also vary by how intelligent the battery pack power management interface is (what signals it presents to Windows, whether you have the right power management drivers installed for your device, etc.).
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