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Thread: Listview Gridlines color\thickness

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    Listview Gridlines color\thickness

    Hey guys anyone ever sub classed the listview and can share some snippets
    I'm trying to figure out how to alter the lvReport's Gridlines, they're to feint.

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    Google searching ends up in suggestions to place pic boxes or frames on top of the list-view, which sounds ridiculous and i'm really not going to do that.
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    Re: Listview Gridlines color\thickness

    Have you considered using a flex grid instead?

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    Re: Listview Gridlines color\thickness

    It could be done but it would be quite the difficult task, is it really worth it?

    The only example I could find was this:

    It's for C# so the drawing codes will be much more difficult, but it shows the basic idea; you can find the locations to draw vertical lines by header widths, and horizontal lines with listview item rects.

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