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Thread: [RESOLVED] Create new aray on button click

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    Resolved [RESOLVED] Create new aray on button click

    I'm developing a program that reads in the contents of all tab delimited value text files in an array, and then assigns the different values within the file into arrays. This means that for each file read in the program will have to create a new public array on a button click and automatically generate the array's name, however i have no idea how to do this.

    I have no idea how to declare a public array

    Here's an example of what i want to do in basic pseudocode. The steps i do not know how to perform are colour coded blue.

    General Declarations
    Arrayindex as integer
    DirectoryIndex as Integer
    Valueindex as integer
    Filecontents As string
    Filepath As String() 'Filepath is an array containing the file locations in a directory

    On buttonclick event
    For DirectoryIndex = 0 to UBound(Filepath) 'this loop reads in the contents of each index of DirectoryIndex
    Create new Public Array of strings as "ValueArray" + ArrayIndex(5) this needs to create a new array capable of storing 6 different values, and shares the same index as the index of Filepath(), i.e. ValueArray1() contains the values given from the contents of Filepath(1)
    Filecontents = Readin(Filepath) 'Filecontents is used as a temporary store for the contents of the text file
    While Valueindex < 6 Read Filecontents into "ValueArray" + ArrayIndex(Valueindex) until instance of TAB encountered
    On TAB encounter Valueindex = Valueindex + 1
    This loop reads in the text foudn in the Filecontents varaible until it reaches an instance of the a gap where the tab button has been pressed (as the values in the file are separated using instances of tab gaps)
    Next DirectoryIndex


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    Re: [RESOLVED] Create new aray on button click

    You can create a List(Of T) where the T is a String array. Then in your button click you'd use IO.File.ReadAllText and Split by the Tab char. Here is an example using a Console Application:
    Imports System
    Imports System.Collections.Generic
    Imports Microsoft.VisualBasic
    Public Module Module1
        Private files As List(Of String())
        Public Sub Main()
            files = New List(Of String())
                Console.Write("Path: ")
                Dim path As String = Console.ReadLine()
                If IO.File.Exists(path) Then
                End If
        End Sub
    End Module

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