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Thread: [CSS] Accordion Control

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    [CSS] Accordion Control

    This is a pure HTML and pure CSS accordion control meaning that there is no JavaScript or JQuery involved. Here is the code:

    HTML Code:
    <div class="Accordion">
        <input checked="checked" class="AccordionGroup" id="Group1" name="AccordionGroup" type="radio" />
        <label class="AccordionHeader" for="Group1">Tab1</label>
        <div class="AccordionTab">
            <p>First accordion tab</p>
        <input class="AccordionGroup" id="Group2" name="AccordionGroup" type="radio" />
        <label class="AccordionHeader" for="Group2">Tab2</label>
        <div class="AccordionTab">
            <p>Second accordion tab</p>
        <input class="AccordionGroup" id="Group3" name="AccordionGroup" type="radio" />
        <label class="AccordionHeader" for="Group3">Tab2</label>
        <div class="AccordionTab">
            <p>Third accordion tab</p>
    .Accordion *, .AccordionGroup:checked + label + div {
        display: block;
    .AccordionGroup, .AccordionGroup, .AccordionGroup + label + div {
        display: none;
    .AccordionGroup:checked + label {
        background-color: #00C;
        color: #fff;
    .AccordionHeader {
        background-color: #fff;
        border: 1px solid #ccc;
        color: #000;
        cursor: pointer;
        padding-left: 1em;
        padding-top: 1em;
    .AccordionTab {
        background-color: #fff;
        border: 1px solid #ccc;
        padding-left: 1em;
    Here is a Fiddle:

    The way that it works is by using a hidden RadioButton to check for when header was clicked. Once the header was clicked it shows the first DIV element after the RadioButton and hides all the rest. I've done a little bit of styling to it such as coloring the background of the selected group and setting borders on all the headers/tabs, but for the most part it is as basic as it gets.
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