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Thread: [VB6] - Class MP3 player from memory.

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    [VB6] - Class MP3 player from memory.

    Hello everyone.
    I've developed a class for asynchronous playback of MP3 files in memory. For example, this can be useful for playing background music from resources, or play from the network avoiding writing in the file. You can play multiple files at once, but some playback settings (volume, pan) for all players will be shared. This class is designed so that correctly handles the situation stop environment by buttons "Stop", "Pause" and exit on the End-statement. By tags: processed correctly only ID3v1 and ID3v2 tags, other tags are not recognized and the file is not likely to be played.

    • Initialize - initialize the player, the first parameter is a pointer to an MP3 file. The second parameter specifies the size of the data. The third parameter specifies whether you want to copy the file into an internal buffer inside the object and play the file from there;
    • Play - starts playing, the parameter "looped" when first playing determines whether the file is played circularly;
    • Pause - pauses playback, playback will start following the current position;
    • StopPlaying - stops playback;
    • SetPositionMs - sets the current playback position (ms);
    • GetPositionMs - returns the current playback position (ms);
    • GetDurationMs - returns the length of the file in milliseconds;
    • GetBitrate - returns the bitrate at the time of playback (kbps);
    • IsPlaying - determines whether a file is played;

    • Volume - sets / returns the current playback volume (0 ... 1);
    • Pan - sets / returns the current panorama playback ((left channel) -1 ... 1 (right channel)).
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    Re: [VB6] - Class MP3 player from memory.

    Hi.Tnx is very Best
    Why Is Isplayed.How do I disable????????

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    Re: [VB6] - Class MP3 player from memory.

    Oh I found

    obj.Play False


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    Re: [VB6] - Class MP3 player from memory.

    Public Declare Function PlaySound Lib "winmm.dll" _
      Alias "PlaySoundA" (ByVallpszName As String, _
      ByValhModule As Long, ByValdwFlags As Long) _
      As Long
    this api play wav in memory.
    before one year,i use "winmm.dll" play mp3 file,hook read file,openfile,then read from memory. the file can be empty,only for check。it's virtual file。

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