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Thread: setup creator with updater

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    setup creator with updater

    hey i using one click deployment and i wonder if there is a setup creator that use auto updater so the users in my domain will get my application too auto update when i had uploaded my file on the server iknow you can do that from VS publiser but the reason i want a setup creator is becuase i have some folder with RTF files that the program loads from the aplication folder like
    (" RichTextBox1.LoadFile("C:\Program Files\Beregner\visual\335_80-13.rtf")")
    and i also want it to put in the new RTF files in that folder

    or can you put the RTF file in as a ressoruce and make the richtextbox load from the ressource? if yes how would the code looks like?
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    Re: setup creator with updater

    That code you posted is bad regardless of how you deploy. If the RTF file is in the same folder as your EXE then you should be using Application.StartupPath to build the file path, i.e.
    RichTextBox1.LoadFile(Path.Combine(Application.StartupPath, "335_80-13.rtf"))
    Now the code works no matter where the program is, including on your development system.

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