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Thread: [RESOLVED] Dictionary Object

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    Resolved [RESOLVED] Dictionary Object

    I created a test dictionary object see code
    VB 6
    Option Explicit
    Dim Phones As Dictionary

    Private Sub cmdDelete_Click()
    If lstNumbers.ListIndex > -1 Then
    Phones.Remove lstNumbers.List(lstNumbers.ListIndex)
    lstNumbers.RemoveItem lstNumbers.ListIndex
    End If
    End Sub

    Private Sub Form_Load()
    ' Create the dictionary object
    Set Phones = New Dictionary

    ' Add the phone numbers
    Phones.Add "123456", "Home"
    Phones.Add "225588", "Mobile"
    Phones.Add "798456", "Office"
    Phones.Add "54723", "Works"

    End Sub

    Private Sub UpdateControls()
    Dim i As Integer
    Dim phone As Variant

    'clear all the controls to start with

    For i = 0 To 3
    lblLocation(i).Caption = ""
    txtNumber(i).Text = ""
    Next i

    i = 0

    For Each phone In Phones
    ' add the phone numbers to the listbox
    lstNumbers.AddItem phone

    ' add the details to the label and textboxes
    lblLocation(i).Caption = Phones(phone)
    txtNumber(i).Text = phone

    i = i + 1
    End Sub
    When i try to insert the code in red into another project it fails with error 32811 missing key but if I debug.print the key its there can you help please
    Project VB6 code

    Public myPhones As Dictionary
    Private vPhone As Variant

    Set myPhones = New Dictionary

    If lstNums.ListIndex > -1 Then
    Debug.Print CStr(lstNums) 'has number
    Debug.Print lstNums.ListIndex 'has index
    If myPhones.Exists(lstNums) Then Debug.Print "Yes" 'nothing

    With frmEditorAdTe
    .lstNums.Visible = True
    myPhones.Remove CStr(.lstNums.List(lstNums.ListIndex))
    End With
    End If
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    Re: Dictionary Object

    Can you please next time enclose your code in code tags?
    Do you create your Dictionary in the other project, or just the 'code in red'?

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    Re: Dictionary Object

    Sorry I should have known better about tags
    Its the code in red that I am having the problem with

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    Re: Dictionary Object

    I wouldn't expect this line to error: Phones.Remove lstNumbers.List(lstNumbers.ListIndex)
    Why? Because Phones had items added to it in Form_Load

    I would expect this line to error: myPhones.Remove CStr(.lstNums.List(lstNums.ListIndex))
    Why? Because from what code you posted, myPhones is a New Dictionary object and no entries were added to it
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    Re: Dictionary Object

    Hi LaVolpe
    Thanks for your post you were correct of course and it lead me to investigate further as I could not understand how the debug.print showed the number I wanted to delete and then I figured it out it was from the original dictionary object and not the current object and when I corrected that it all worked fine.
    So what you see may look like what you want but it may not be what you want

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