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    Post Bin2Asc Asc2Bin

    Here are two C++ files that allow you to convert between decimal value data and binary.
    Bin2Asc will convert a file into decinal data.

    For example if we had a file with say "Hello World" in it
    Your output file will look something like this.

    File Contents
    Asc2Bin then can take this file and convert it back into it's original
    I tried this on exe files and worked fine. Handy if you say wanted to post binary files onto a forum, that people can then convert back.

    Once compiled the two c++ files. You just need to use

    bin2asc.exe sample.txt output.asc

    To convert back if just almost the same you just flip the file names.

    asc2bin.exe sample.asc output.txt

    Hope you find them us full, comments welcome.
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