I have a 'test' contact form that I am keen to incorporate into a Web site, but I am getting an error. I have lost count of the amount of hours I have spent
trying to put things right!

The form is online here http://www.bayingwolf.com/my_test.asp

and I am sure the problem can't be a major one. I am trying to do two things:

a) When a user does not complete all fields (there are only three), the error message should be displayed on the same page as the form;

b) The errors are correctly trapped as I tested below - please complete the form to see in practice - but I get something like this on the page:

You did not enter a valid email address.
Please enter a valid Email address

CDO.Message.1 error '8004020d'

At least one of the From or Sender fields is required, and neither was found.

/my_test.asp, line 122
Could I post the code - or the relevant part of it - here for someone to cast their eye over?