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Thread: Why such a wide range of prices

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    Why such a wide range of prices

    I was searching for the latest physical install version of MS Office including Access. I guess version 2013 professional would fit the bill.

    Then I'd found a wide reange of prices in the internet. For example, an outfit call is selling it for $149 for a single user license, while others are selling it for over $300. These are all license key only where you'd have to download the software from Microsoft.

    Is there any catch in buying the cheapest one?

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    Re: Why such a wide range of prices

    read the EULA.

    that will tell you what your rights are and what you can and cannot do..

    you can use any office program, i suggest you download it from a safe website somewhere, i know windows has an FTP server you can download windows from but im not sure about office, at the end of the day the only important thing to remember is what license you have, and make sure the program you have is the version specified in the license. remember you purchase the license not the program, the program is basically free.
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    Re: Why such a wide range of prices

    From reading the specs of two sellers, I got the impression that it is a purchase of the right (license) of the product.

    The product is, as I understand it:

    MS Office 2013 Professional.
    It is a full install program, not an update to previous version.
    The product key provided would allow registering the product with Microsoft, and activate the product for ONE machine only.
    The download is straight from Microsoft's download site.

    From Microsft Store, $399

    From B&H, a reputed seller. $309.99

    From $149.99

    From SoftwarAu Inc, $162

    They all claim to be Microsoft Partner.
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