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Thread: date time picker with currency manager

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    date time picker with currency manager

    Me.datetimepickerExpensiveDate.DataBindings.Add("Value", dt, "ExpensiveDate", True)
    i'm use the above connet to bind date time picker with table my problem is when
    using this code to add row
    Dim cmdb As New OleDbCommandBuilder(da)
    the field ExpensiveDate in my data base table not get value from date time picker default value (displayed value) on a form value

    but if i select the date form date time picker
    and run the code of add

    the value inserted

    what is problem here

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    Re: date time picker with currency manager

    I've heard others report issues with bound DateTimePickers as well, although I've not used one often myself so haven't seen the same. This may or may not help and there may or may not be a better way but try setting the Value of the DateTimePicker explicitly to Date.Today or some other value when you first create the new record.

    By the way, you shouldn't really be using a CurrencyManager directly. Add a BindingSource to your form and bind your DataTable to it, then bind that to your controls. You can then use BindingSource for all access to the bound data, including where you would otherwise use a CurrencyManager, e.g. call EndEdit on the BindingSource before saving.

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