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Thread: SQL Query not working?

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    SQL Query not working?

    The below SQL Query isn't returning the results I'm expecting. Obviously it's running correctly based on the code. What I'm trying to return is 1 row of data with the "Total Run(s)" column showing 2. What am I missing? See attached image also.

    SELECT	COUNT(main_ID)	AS 'Total Run(s)'
    		,[load]		AS 'Capacity'
    		,endTime	AS 'Ending Time'
     WHERE  main_ID = 129656
    GROUP BY main_ID, dateCreated, [load], endTime, channel_ID, direction1_ID, angle_ID, direction2_ID

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    Re: SQL Query not working?

    it's not what you're missing, it's what you have. The grouping is set to include the Endingtime ... which has a time component. Since both rows have a different time, it comes back as two records. If both records had the same date and time, then it would have aggregated them together. also, your dateCreated has the same issue... the time component is off slightly. If you don't need the time component, then you need to adjust the fields in the select and group by to drop the time component and just return the date.

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