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Thread: Adding controls on Picturebox in SSTab

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    Adding controls on Picturebox in SSTab

    Hi, I'm still a student and still learning how to code in vb6.
    I used SStab and I add a Picturebox at runtime to overlayed (if that's the correct term) the tab so that it will look flat and not 3D. The thing is, if I click the next tab and I want to return to my previous tab I can't go back.

    I don't know what to do now . I've been searching on other forums and in Google but I cant seem to find it.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Adding controls on Picturebox in SSTab

    What do you mean by 'you can't go back'? Is the Tab available to click on?
    As this is a simple program, how about zipping it up (no .exe files though) and upload it (using the Go Advanced button below, and then the Manage Attachments button to browse for your zipped file.

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    Re: Adding controls on Picturebox in SSTab

    Clicking on one tab or another should automatically go to the clicked tab - no coding is necessary. Make sure you are clicking on the tab and not the picturebox that you placed on the tab. If you must click on the picturebox then you will need to add code to switch from one tab to another in the picturebox click event

    Anything I post is an example only and is not intended to be the only solution, the total solution nor the final solution to your request nor do I claim that it is. If you find it useful then it is entirely up to you to make whatever changes necessary you feel are adequate for your purposes.

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