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Thread: VB.NET 13 Calculator App Help

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    VB.NET 13 Calculator App Help

    I'm making a simple calculator . Most of it's running ; it's just the way the calculator puts the decimal ahead of the current value. It still makes it the correct decimal ; it just looks goofy.

    Video Example :

    Hard to tell but its after I type the 5 and the decimal is like this .5 instead of 5.

    heres my code for my decimal(period) button :

    Private Sub btnDecimal_Click(sender As Object, e As EventArgs) Handles btnDecimal.Click
    If Not txtBox.Text.Contains(".") Then
    txtBox.Text &= "."
    End If
    End Sub
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    Re: VB.NET 13 Calculator App Help

    You must have the "RightToLeft" property set to "Yes".
    You probably don't want that. It should be set to "No".
    You probably want the TextAlign Property to be set to "Right" instead.
    "RightToLeft" is for languages that are written right to left.

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