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Thread: What does ListView really do?

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    What does ListView really do?

    When use Listview instead of multi-column listbox?

    Other than having the ability to add a stationery headers for each column, I don't see how this is better than listbox. What do people use that for?

    I believe in VB6, there is MSFgrid or/and datagrid controls, which are a lot easier to handle. I having written anything to seriously with VB6 for a while.
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    Re: What does ListView really do?

    Here are a few examples, but your question is too wide-opened. I guess the real answer is, it depends on what you need and what other controls can offer. Each individual control usually has pros/cons when compared to controls of similar function. The items below are listed with the assumption that owner-drawn controls are off the table. If owner-drawing, than anything can literally be done.

    - Windows Explorer file list. Multicolumn listbox can't really support that functionality without a lot of owner-drawing.
    - Multiple item formatting, i.e., colors, font, etc
    - Image support
    - Tag options per item
    - Multiple column sorting
    - Column re-ordering
    - Variable row height, variable column width
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    Re: What does ListView really do?

    ...and more features...
    -4 types of view
    -and more
    Just see the ListView's Properties Page

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    Re: What does ListView really do?

    Now, my comments may not help at all, but I rarely use MY opinion, I can do MOST of those things using the MSFlexGrid/MSHFlexGrid controls 'easier'. I guess it is what you get used to, and what your needs are.

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    Re: What does ListView really do?

    I'm not sure why ListViews have come into vogue in recent times. If all you use is the Report view you have probably chosen the wrong control.

    Perhaps the problem is appearance? The moldly MSFlexGrid and its replacement MSHFlexGrid are both tied to hard-coded Win9x drawing styles so they can look a little "cave man" today. The COMCTL32.OCX ListView is a wrapper on the system Common Control so you can get a better appearance simply by selecting the Common Controls 6 assembly.

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    Re: What does ListView really do?

    The COMCTL32.OCX ListView is a wrapper on the system Common Control so you can get a better appearance simply by selecting the Common Controls 6 assembly.
    I think you hit the nail on the head there, the ListView control just looks better than the Flexgrid and is way more functional than the Listbox.
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    Re: What does ListView really do?

    For dealing with tabular data I always preferred the MSHFlexgrid control.

    If I needed flexible views of data on the fly then I used the ListView.

    The drop down view mode options in Windows Explorer (Top right) is an example of how the listview can be leveraged.

    BTW ssal, The Column property in the standard listbox control does not display data as true columns.
    Instead it wraps the visual data from the bottom of one column to the top of the next.
    There is no vertical scroll in this mode only horizontal scroll.

    Again in Windows Explorer if you select the 'List' view mode you will see this behavior.
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