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Thread: ArgumentExecption was unhandled

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    ArgumentExecption was unhandled

    Can someone help me? I renamed the column in MS access and it gives me error when running it.

    "Cannot bind to the property or column StudentID on the Datasource. Parameter name: dataMember."

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    Re: ArgumentExecption was unhandled

    You need to give more info about the conditions this error occurred under!
    Is this a VB program or direct form in Access?

    If it is a VB app (as it should be if your here) then try deleting your DS from your solution. Recreate it and everything MAY work. If you have controls bound to that StudentID field then you're in for allot of work, but it's possible to recover from.
    Did you use the Connection Wizard to create table adapters, binding source and dataset, or is your's hand made
    Basically your SQL statement is messed up now.

    BTY: This is the exact reason to have the back end thought out and normalized first.
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