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Thread: Auto Restart the Exe if it is Hang..

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    Auto Restart the Exe if it is Hang..

    Dear All,

    i have running my program[exe] which is developed in in client place , in case if the exe hang and it should restart in 1 min automatically.

    how to i restart the exe programmatically using with in 1 min if it is hang?

    Looking forward your valuable reply


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    Re: Auto Restart the Exe if it is Hang..

    You probably cant, at least, not in a way that's sensible. I guess you could run whichever operation is hanging on a separate thread and then monitor that thread from your main thread but you're probably going to start chasing your tail there.

    Do you know what's causing the hang? Is it a genuine block or is it just doing a lot of processing? (There will be no point in restarting if it's a lot of processing because that work will still need to be done so it will just "hang" again).

    It sounds like you're trying to cover up an underlying problem in which case the best advice would be to do your investigation properly and fix the real problem.
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