I am using Visual Studio 2013 under Win 8 on an HP Laptop

I have an application which is written in vb.net (with a dll written in C++) and I want people to be able to try this out from a web browser. If they are interested, they can then download the software onto their own machine. The reason for this is that, as we all know, downloading unknown software is a big step and people (including me) are reluctant to do it

I have written a lot of web based stuff in ASP and am familiar with that but maybe should use asp.net?

To avoid misunderstanding the process would look like this (I hope):

1. I put the exe file on the server
2. Somebody clicks on a button on my webpage
3. The exe runs as a shell on the server and delivers result(s) which are then sent to the client pc for display via the browser

Any observations would be much appreciated