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Thread: [RESOLVED] How to Go To Next Or Previous Procedure In

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    Resolved [RESOLVED] How to Go To Next Or Previous Procedure In

    i am sorry if this is not right question or right place.. but am damn confused and tired of searing without any luck. I was/am a vb6 coder. Now trying to learning and using 2010.

    in vb6 you can easily go to next procedure by precessing CTRL+Pagedown and also previous procedure by precessing CTRL+Pageup.

    but i can't find any way to do that in All i have to scroll down or up to go to previous or next procedure.

    any help please?

    best regards

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    Re: How to Go To Next Or Previous Procedure In


    You can do this by emulating the old VB6 environment.

    Go to Tools, Options, Environment, Keyboard and then set the “Apply the Following Additional Keyboard Mapping Scheme” to “Visual Basic 6”. This will then give you the old VB6 functionality that you are used to in the .NET environment.

    Hope that helps.



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    Re: How to Go To Next Or Previous Procedure In

    Alternatively, if that functionality was remvoed in .NET it was because you didn't need it. Ctrl+M+O will collapse all the methods. This wasn't possible in VB6, so you HAD to have some means to navigate from one method to the next, as they would each gobble up so much of the screen and were painful to scroll past (unless they were all small, of course). With the ability to rapidly collapse methods, along with the ability to add Regions so that entire groups of methods can be collapsed, scrolling becomes a vastyle easier operation than it was in VB6, and may well be faster than navigating through the methods the way you were used to.
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