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Thread: VB - Change color of font in ListView Row when highlighted

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    VB - Change color of font in ListView Row when highlighted

    Hi, in the below script I have changed the font of the ListView row based on an expiration date. How can I keep the color of the font when the row is highlighted? For example, if my font is red for a specific row it turns to white when that row is selected.

    Thanks for any help!

    'Loop through records and see if colors need to be changed due to expiration date
    For Counter = 1 To lstUser.ListItems.Count
    Set Item = lstUser.ListItems.Item(Counter)

    If CDate(Item.SubItems(11)) <= Date Then
    If Item.Selected Then
    lstUser.SelectedItem.ForeColor = vbRed
    End If
    Item.ForeColor = vbRed
    Item.ListSubItems(1).ForeColor = vbRed
    Item.ListSubItems(2).ForeColor = vbRed
    Item.ListSubItems(3).ForeColor = vbRed
    Item.ListSubItems(4).ForeColor = vbRed
    Item.ListSubItems(5).ForeColor = vbRed
    Item.ListSubItems(6).ForeColor = vbRed
    Item.ListSubItems(7).ForeColor = vbRed
    Item.ListSubItems(8).ForeColor = vbRed
    Item.ListSubItems(9).ForeColor = vbRed
    Item.ListSubItems(10).ForeColor = vbRed
    Item.ListSubItems(11).ForeColor = vbRed
    Item.ListSubItems(12).ForeColor = vbRed
    ElseIf CDate(Item.SubItems(11)) < Date + 30 Then
    lstUser.Item(Counter).ForeColor = RGB(255, 153, 0)
    lstUser.Item(Counter).ListSubItems(1).ForeColor = RGB(255, 153, 0)
    lstUser.Item(Counter).ListSubItems(2).ForeColor = RGB(255, 153, 0)
    lstUser.Item(Counter).ListSubItems(3).ForeColor = RGB(255, 153, 0)
    lstUser.Item(Counter).ListSubItems(4).ForeColor = RGB(255, 153, 0)
    lstUser.Item(Counter).ListSubItems(5).ForeColor = RGB(255, 153, 0)
    lstUser.Item(Counter).ListSubItems(6).ForeColor = RGB(255, 153, 0)
    lstUser.Item(Counter).ListSubItems(7).ForeColor = RGB(255, 153, 0)
    lstUser.Item(Counter).ListSubItems(8).ForeColor = RGB(255, 153, 0)
    lstUser.Item(Counter).ListSubItems(9).ForeColor = RGB(255, 153, 0)
    lstUser.Item(Counter).ListSubItems(10).ForeColor = RGB(255, 153, 0)
    lstUser.Item(Counter).ListSubItems(11).ForeColor = RGB(255, 153, 0)
    lstUser.Item(Counter).ListSubItems(12).ForeColor = RGB(255, 153, 0)
    End If

    Next Counter

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    Re: VB - Change color of font in ListView Row when highlighted

    Thread moved. Code Bank is for Code Submissions rather than questions.
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    Re: VB - Change color of font in ListView Row when highlighted

    VB6 code is not script.

    To answer your question:

    Short answer, you can't.

    Longer answer, you may have to use subclassing to capture selection and then owner-draw what you want.

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    Re: VB - Change color of font in ListView Row when highlighted

    I do it next way to change forecolor of listview cells
    Dim LI   As MSComctlLib.ListItem
    Dim LIS  As MSComctlLib.ListSubItem
    'Add to ListView1  -1 row  -2 columns  -forecolor blue
        Set LI = ListView1.ListItems.Add(, , "TestCol 0")
            LI.ForeColor = vbBlue
            LI.SubItems(1) = "TestCol 1"
            Set LIS = LI.ListSubItems(1)
                LIS.ForeColor = vbBlue
            Set LIS = Nothing

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