So I generate some buttons on the fly in my app. I notice today in IE11, the mutli-line functionality of the captions doesn't seem to work. Here is my code below. Anybody have thoughts on how to get around this?

        For Each oRow As Data.DataRow In dtTickets.Rows
            Dim oButton As New Button
            Dim sbCaption As New StringBuilder

            oButton.ID = oRow.Item("serviceTicket_20ID")
            oButton.Width = 150
            oButton.Height = 150
            oButton.BorderColor = Drawing.Color.Black
            oButton.BorderStyle = BorderStyle.Solid
            oButton.BorderWidth = 5
            oButton.Font.Bold = True
            oButton.CssClass = "stbutton"

            Select Case oRow.Item("Status")

                Case "Opened"
                    oButton.BackColor = Drawing.Color.LightPink
                Case "Assigned"
                    oButton.BackColor = Drawing.Color.LemonChiffon
                Case "Completed"
                    oButton.BackColor = Drawing.Color.LightGreen
                Case "Closed"

            End Select

            sbCaption.AppendLine("Service Ticket")
            sbCaption.AppendLine("Call: " & oRow.Item("callDate"))
            sbCaption.AppendLine("Service: " & oRow.Item("serviceDate"))
            sbCaption.AppendLine("Inv #: " & oRow.Item("invoiceNumber"))
            sbCaption.AppendLine("Status: " & oRow.Item("Status"))

            oButton.Text = sbCaption.ToString

            AddHandler oButton.Click, AddressOf serviceTicketClick