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Thread: Modify registry

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    Modify registry

    Hello everyone.
    I'm trying to right a program to change the hostname of an OS along with 3 others on the same HDD, problem is i can't figure out how to modify registry values of an OS that isn't running.
    We have a lot of disks in our lab and it gets really enoying having to change the host name of all of those, sense every platform have a unique name.
    I have a script to change the name of the active OS atm, but you still have to restart and boot to another OS you need to rename.

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    Re: Modify registry

    Welcome to the forums.

    At first, I thought that your request was a bit odd and wondered if this concept would even be possible, and apparently it is! Have a read of this. That lead onto researching loading a hive in .Net from a file, and the resources for that are quite scarce. This post gave some ideas, but I have not researched any further than that.

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