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Thread: Using ++

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    Using ++

    I have this line of C code

    ppi = &pcon->argpi[co][pcon->argcpi[co]++];

    PPI ppi; //a pointer to a structure
    PCON pcon; //s a pointer to a structure
    argpi is a 2d array of type PI
    argcpi is a 1d integer array
    co is an integer always 1

    My question is what does the ++ at the end increment?

    I'm assuming it increments the value in the argcpi[co] integer array

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    Re: Using ++

    `++` is the increment operator, i.e. it adds 1 to its operand. It can be a pre-increment, i.e. increment first and then use the value, e.g. ++n, or it can be a post-increment, i.e. use the value first and then increment, e.g. n++.

    It's a while since I've used C/C++ so I don't remember the full operator precedence but I think you'll find that the indirection operator, i.e. `->` takes precedence over the increment operator. That would mean that this:
    would mean use the value of `pcon->argcpi[co]` and then increment the value of that expression. Incrementing indexes like that is common in C/C++ because it allows you to use a value and, in the same line, make that value ready to be used in a subsequent iteration of a loop or the like.

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    Re: Using ++

    The order of precedence is
    [] ->
    the [] and => associate left to right
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