Hi, I have a problem with my Canon iP4850 Printer. Not a bad printer, and generally it does what I ask of it. However I have just hit a snag.

When this (and probably most Canon printers) is asked to print something, it runs an app which displays a preview image of what it's going to print and requires a 'Click' to confirm 'Print', or 'Cancel' if it's wrong. That's fine, but it takes forever to display the image, and currently the program I'm trying to develop needs to print several pages, one after the other.

The problem I have is that once the first page has been displayed and accepted for printing, the screen is still displaying a blank preview screen when the program expects it's next page to be displayed, with the result that the next preview, and therefore the next printed page is just the blank preview screen, and sadly, the one 'Print' click is all that is required for all the pages to be printed.

I have spent hours trolling through reams of 'Help' pages, msdn pages and forum answers trying to find a simple way to detect the printer 'Busy' status (unsuccessfully, obviously) so that I can wait until the preview has cleared before sending the next page for printing.

So... My question is, does anyone know of a way to bypass the confirmation screen on canon printers so that a print job is accepted as ok without the need of a confirmation ?