Hello, I am working on my weather program but I am stuck and something. I want the program to scroll National Weather Service alerts when they are issued. This is how I want it to work. When the user types in there zip code for the YAHOO! Weather API Information the program needs to find the approprate RSS Feed from alerts.weather.gov the program would find the state then the county. Once the program finds the county the form called MainGraphics will show. The updater will be a timer, which will check for any alerts this is my code:

If AlertTicker1.Text = Text Then
When the text scrolls through each time the text goes back to the beginning a .WAV file will play. I have figured out how to make the panel show up and how to make the file play but I don't know how to make the feed work. I have tried different sites but all were c# or c++ I need Visual Basic. Please Help! Thanks!