I've tried following some of the examples referenced by the link on the VB World Home Page and am having trouble. I keep getting Error 453 'Can't find DLL entry point'. I've built a Win32 DLL in VC++ like this:

Header File
//Numbers.h - Header file for math functions

#define DllExport __declspec( dllexport )

//Return integer
DllExport int ReturnInt(void);

Source File
//Numbers.cpp - function definitions

#include "Numbers.h"

DllExport int ReturnInt(void)
return 10;

VB Test Project

Option Explicit

'Visual C++ Win 32 DLL
Public Declare Function ReturnInt Lib _
"C:\code\Vcpp\My Cpp Projects\Win32ForVB\Debug\Win32ForVB.dll" () As Long

Option Explicit

Private Sub cmdGetInt_Click()
txtInt = ReturnInt
End Sub

Is there something wrong with the way I've built or referenced the DLL?

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