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Thread: C# read data source from other form

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    C# read data source from other form

    how can i make the connection avalible for form2 too for database

    In form1: i have connection to sql database
    and i want it to be enabled connection for Form2 too so i dont need to write again textboxes and fields for connect to db again how can i do it?

    in form2 :

    SqlConnection con = new SqlConnection("");
    how to connect it to form1 ?
    any ideas?

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    Re: C# read data source from other form

    If you want to write data access code once then you put it in a dedicated class and not in forms. You then use that class in the forms.

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    Re: C# read data source from other form

    You need to get the instance of form.

    public static Form GetInstanceOf<T>() where T: Form {
        foreach (Form openForm in Application.OpenForms) {
                if (openForm.GetType() == typeof(T)) {
                        return openForm;
        return null;
    MyForm myForm = GetInstanceOf<MyForm>();
    if(myForm != null)
       SqlConnection con = new SqlConnection(myForm.connectionString);
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    Re: C# read data source from other form

    jmcilhinney is right (as usual) :-). You should keep all you data access code separate from your UI.
    If however you have to do it this way then you could always pass the connection object into the constructor of the new form.


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