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Thread: How to remove border from button?

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    Question How to remove border from button?


    I have the command button set to flat which I need. Is there any way to hide the border? Or better yet can the border be hidden until the mouse is over it? I set it to flat so it will be transparent over a ribbon bar control I use.


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    Re: How to remove border from button?

    Right above FlatStyle is FlatAppearance.
    Set border width to 0

    Perhaps if you want an easy rollover indication, but still see what is underneath, set the FlatAppearance.MouseOverBackColor to a color with a low Alpha value, i.e. Button1.FlatAppearance.MouseOverBackColor = Color.FromArgb(40,Color.Gray)
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    Re: How to remove border from button?

    To further what passel suggested, set the border width to 1 in the button's MouseEnter event and then reset it back to 0 in the button's MouseLeave event. This will hide it when the mouse isn't over the button.

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