'i have a tblFreightdataset with the following Coloum and row
ID FreightType Value FrightValue
1 CIF 0.00 []
2 FOB 0.015 []
3 CFR 0.015 []

manual calculation from a button Private Sub Button1_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles Button1.Click
Dim CIF As Double = 0
Dim FOB As Double = 0.015
Dim CFR As Double = 0.015
Dim Cost As Double = txbCostValue.Text
Dim Freight As Double = txbFreightAmount.Text
If cmbFreightType.Text = "CIF" Then txbInsureanceAmount.Text = (Cost + Freight) * CIF
ElseIf cmbFreightType.Text = "FOB" Then txbInsureanceAmount.Text = (Cost + Freight) * FOB
ElseIf cmbFreightType.Text = "CFR" Then
IF cmbFreightType.Text= "CFR" Then
txbFreightAmount.Text= 0
End If
txbInsureanceAmount.Text = (Cost + Freight) * CFR

End If
End Sub

the code above work as it should but that the manual way
i want to be able to select from cmbFreightType and it search my table for the matching string and calculate as above my table has a check box if check then my txbFreightAmount = 0
my forum is already bind to the dataset in the program so hence i dont need to do a conection