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Thread: (RESOLVED) Adding listbox items to correct Flexgrid rows

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    Question (RESOLVED) Adding listbox items to correct Flexgrid rows

    Hi All,

    Im building a break scheduler.

    I'm trying to populate Flexgrid rows with the employee names. I have 3 columns.

    First Break Lunch Break Last Break <<<< These are the labels for the top row in the columns and they are added using

    .TextMatrix(0, 0) = "FIRST BREAK"
    .TextMatrix(0, 1) = "LUNCH BREAK"
    .TextMatrix(0, 2) = "LAST BREAK"

    the problem that Im facing is that when I add the listbox items (employee names) to any column, the items are added but the first item overwrites and replaces the column label header. So I need to add items starting at row 1. Can anyone help with this?

    Here's my code.

    Dim j as integer

    With MSFlexGrid1

    .TextMatrix(0, 0) = "FIRST BREAK"
    .TextMatrix(0, 1) = "LUNCH BREAK"
    .TextMatrix(0, 2) = "LAST BREAK"

    .Rows = 10

    For j = MSFlexGrid1.Row = -1 To List3.ListCount - 1
    .TextMatrix(j, 0) = List3.List(j)

    end with


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