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Thread: Place Data Into Textbox From ObjectDataSource

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    Place Data Into Textbox From ObjectDataSource

    I have a web page where I am using an Object Datasource to pull data from my database. It will get one record. I want to be able to fill textboxes on my page with this pull.


    What do I do to get the data from the "Select" into the fields?

    Eddi Rae

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    Re: Place Data Into Textbox From ObjectDataSource

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    Re: Place Data Into Textbox From ObjectDataSource

    Haven't used an xxdatasouce for a while but you probably can use the %eval or %bind interaptors on markup or you can handle they databound or what function odatasource provides you on server side, to insert the data to the textboxes.
    Unless %bind works, i think(if i remember correctly) that you will have to handle the "e" parameter on the binding function to get the row and then cut down the cells.
    You can of course call the data as you would have called it in vbforms and bind the textboxes (when i say bind, i mean txt1.text= thevalue). This is if you are strict on using server side calls on the page, else you will go to webservices, the future of web calling.
    In general for just one row, instead of goinf to all that trouble, a call to can do the trick.

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    Re: Place Data Into Textbox From ObjectDataSource


    Here is a complete description of what you need to do to achieve what you want:

    Hope this helps!


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