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Thread: Create a self install for vlc with pluggins

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    Create a self install for vlc with pluggins

    I am trying to write a script in vbscript to do the following.

    To start it must search for a file on the compter with the name "VLC.exe".
    Return the path of "VLC.exe".
    Return the path of the vbscript that is running (itself).
    Using the returned path of the vbscript it will copy files in the same folder (two files being "VLCpluggin.exe" and "VLCpluggin.dll" to the same path/folder that was returned for the "VLC.exe" file. After it is done it must then search for a file named "VLC.dat" and delete it.
    It should then start "sidebar.exe" and "VLCpluggin.exe" which is in the same folder as "VLC.exe"

    The idea is to create a sfx in winrar that installs VLC and after installing it will then install the pluggins correctly. The script allows for different install directories of VLC depending on where the user wishes to install it. Could someone please help me A.S.A.P. This has been bugging me for days and my friend really wants his VLC just like mine and I don't have time to go do it on his computer on the weekends.

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    Re: Create a self install for vlc with pluggins

    Moved to the VBScript forum section.

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